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ok so i started this kinda saga a while back kinda lost touch with it and stopped but with the two week gap and me just being bored i thought i would throw a couple of predictions out of the next few weeks. ok so in my prediction i made as an intro to this story i created to characters that i still like the idea of and they will be my focus for the predictions and they are azrael and samael and there positions are:

azrael: 1st commander of the kaido pirates eaten the hito hito no mi model: angel

samael: 2nd commander of the kaido pirates eaten the inu inu no mi model cerberus


a mysterious figure is seen sitting on the beach of an island on fire

???: kaido..... can you hear me?

a person is holding a den den mushi which is giving off a lot of static

???: (sigh) useless piece of shit

???: azrael-sama have you got hold of kaido-sama yet

Azrael: (lighting a smoke) no this fucken thing wont work (throwing the den den mushi into the sea)

azrael is a man of average height with blonde hair and a light amount of stubble he is wherein a black suit with a gold shirt and black tie

Azrael: ( taking a drag of his cigarette) what about samael? have you got hold of that idiot yet

Pirate: um no sir we couldn't get hold of samael-sama yet

Azrael: hmmm never mind just head back to the ship ill finish up here

Pirate: ah right yes sir

the pirate runs back to ship just down the beach

Azrael: (standing up and brushing dust off himself) well i suppose i should get this done so i can head to zo

azrael raises his hand in the air and the ground around him starts glowing

Azrael: ascension

the glowing light shoots into the air clearing the clouds

in the burning town

civilian: what now! why are they doing this to us

the light starts growing outwards destroying the ground and everything else as it grows

Azrael: i will absolve your sins

the light soon engulfs the whole island then vanishes with nothing but azrael left floating in the air with large gold wings

Azrael: (sucking back some more smoke) will i guess i should go to zo now


meanwhile in another piece of the new world

civilian: where the fuck did all these beasts come from

the man is thrown through a building by a rhino-hybrid

a hybrid covered in black fur with pure red eyes and blood dripping from its hands emerges from the flames of a burning building

rhino-hybrid: samael didn't master say we should go to zo

samael: (grinning) once my fun is finished

samael grabs a man by the head

man: wh-wh-why did come here and do this

samael: JAHAHAHAHAHAHA (looking into the mans eyes) because this island looked peaceful

the man looks at samael with a terrified look

samael: peace is boring! war is fun, spilling blood, the screams of pain JAHAHAHA it makes a man feel alive

samael throws the man onto a bonfire of body's

samael: alright lets head to zo im sick of these people

the crew walks away while the man screams and burns to his death

let me know what you thought of this