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hey guys i was thinking after i read OhJay's blog a bit about Fujitora as an admiral so this is what I was thinking

fujitora means Wisteria Tiger (wisteria=purple) thanx OhJay

1st appearance

2nd devil fruit power

first of all he wears a basic purple suit with a black shirt underneath and a white tie his marine coat is white with black strips (like a tiger) and fur on the collar and cuffs the symbol justice is purple. he has short orange hair and a flawless face which is why his other nickname is the marine prince. he carry's a silver sword which is attached to him at the hip , he is also always smiling arrogantly

secondly his devil fruit power I've decided to stick with the logia theme and go with plants which suits his stuck up attitude and posh appearance. he is able to create thorn vines ether from his body or by putting his hands on an object he can produce the vines out of said object (eg the ground, trees, walls and even people) he also has the ability to create hypnotic smells and with haki hard as steel flower petals which can cut through ships buildings etc

that's my idea for the admiral let me know what you think