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Cover: the captain would like to speak with you

Page 1: 

luffy: you barsted stop it!!! 

doflamingo: fufuf your so pathetic law 

doflamingo throws his pistol away and positions his hand in the air above law 

doflamingo: you forgot you place brat 

doflamingo swings his hand down towards law 

Page 2: 

luffy: (with an angry face) don't do it!!! 

zoro: like hell 

zoro intercepts doflamingo 

doflamingo: hmmm haki aye 

zoros swords are clashing with doflamingos strings 

zoro: shit! He strong 

zoro and doflamingo fly apart 

Page 3: 

zoro: kin emon grab the doctor 

kin emon: right you can count on me zoro-dono 

kin emon picks up law and starts to run 

doflamingo: fufufu stop right there 

doflamingo attaches one of his stings to kinemon and stops him in his tracks 

kinemon: what! Why can't I move my body 

doflamingo: Ill kill you as well 

Page 4:  

zoro: Sanbyakurokuju Pound Ho 

doflamingos string brakes and kinemon starts running 

kinemon: thank you zoro-dono 

doflamingo: (pissed off look) no ones ever cut my strings 

zoro: (with a grin) obviously you've never fought a real swordsmen 

doflamingo: IM gona cut that fucking smile off your face brat 

zoro and doflamingo face each other in a stand off 

Page 5:  back on the sunny 

Chopper: (crying) sanjiiii why do we have to go back its to scary 

sanji: stop crying if your a man you will fight for love 

Chopper: (smacking sanji in the head) I don't wanna die for some girl fool 

Brook: I wonder why the den den mushi stopped working 

nami momo and chopper are hugging and crying 

sanji: that's been bugging me as well (holding the den den mushi) 

page 6:  

in the colosseum 

bellamy: (coughing up blood) you barsted dellinger 

dellinger: your so stupied bellamy did you really think the young master would let you sit in that seat 

bellamy: shut your mouth 

bellamy sends a spring loaded fist hurling towards dellinger 

dellinger dodges the punch easily then grabs bellamys arm 

dellinger: to slow dumb dumb 

Page 7: 

dellinger pulls bellamy towards him 

bellamy: shit 

dellinger jumps up then smashes bellamys head into the ground with his high heels digging into bellamys head 

dellinger lands gracefully on the ground a few meters away from bellamy 

dellinger: wow your weak I didnt even have my lovely fish friends help me beat you 

bellamy lays bleeding heavily on the ground 

Page 8: 

in the flower fields 

franky: IM super ready to go 

Robin: why did the transmission cut off 

ussop: I was wondering the same thing 

franky: those guys can look after them self's we have a mission to do 

franky charges off 

All the dwarfs: yeeeeeeer 

The dwarfs all follow behind franky 

TsOR: today we take back or freedom 

The group charge throught the flower fields 

Page 9: 

TsOR: no I can't be 

franky: who's that large man sitting at the front gate 

TsOR: that's pica one of the don quixote family strongest fighters 

Robin: why do you seem afraid mr solider 

TsOR: that mans cruelty is second only to doflamingo hes the barsted that took my leg 

ussop: (thinking to himself) crap the dwarfs are gona want me to fight that guy crap if only luffy, zoro or sanji were here 

Page 10: 

leo: nows your chance usso-land you can show us the power of a hero 

ussop: n-n-no wait... 

leo: hey asshole this is the mighty hero usso-land and hes gona kick your ass 

ussop: (with a facial fault) IM dead 

Pica: hmmmmm what the hell is that over there? 

Page 11: 

back at the front of the colosseum 

zoro: (panting) shit this guys strong 

doflamingo: fufufu your not half bad kid but its too late 

zoro: errrr I can't move my arm 

zoro trys to cut the string with another sword but is stopped by doflamingo 

doflamingo: IM through playing games with you kids  

doflamingos middle finger is aiming at zoros heart 

doflamingo: Tamaito 

A string shoots from doflamingos finger directly for zoros heart 

luffy: zoro!!! 

The string suddenly stops right before zoro 

Page 12: 

doflamingo: what the hell 

bartolomeo: I wont let you hurt zoro-senpai 

luffy: phew that was close 

zoro: thanks 

bartolomeo: (crying) I wuve you zooro-senpai 

doflamingo: annoying brat!! 

doflamingo lands on bartolomeo pining both his arms to the ground with his hand above his head 

doflamingo: pirate hunter on my right Cannibal on my left 

zoro and bartolomeo both look worried 

doflamingo: time to die brat's 

All of a sudden doflamingo is sent flying 

Page 13: 

doflamigo: (getting up out of some ruble) errr what the hell 

luffy is standing in between zoro and bartolomeo in gear second cracking his knuckles 

dofalmingo: why you little 

zoro: (grins) 

bartolomeo: (crying) wuffy-senpai your so cool 

luffy: (pissed off) IM gona kick your ass you mingo barsted 


Sorry its not vary long its been a while since I done a chapter prediction let me know what you think