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    April 9, 2014 by XdrakeYONKO

    in my last blog i suggested that sabo is first commander (second in command) of the RA and it turns out i was right (or at least in the translation i read i am if im not can some correct me) so well yay.

    Was kuma the last general officer? what do you think

    and what is ivankovs position in the RA

    let me know what you think?  

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  • XdrakeYONKO

    ok so the chapter starts off wihere we left off last time with luffy zoro and whats her name facing off with pica (just to go on record pica was my fav executive before he was shown to have the best powers of the 3) we are told what his powers are and he smash to walls in to the group. then the colosseum HOLY FUCK best bit of the chapter in my opinion ,burgess is a monster smashs a fighting fish straight through the crowd like it aint shit then we get told he is 1 of blackbeards 10 giant captains which i thought was interesting i would like to get more info on this. then along comes sabo straight away jumps on the fish with the df then just makes to powerful characters look like bitchs with his haki (which is strong as fuck) then we are to…

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  • XdrakeYONKO

    Lots Of Yonko

    December 5, 2013 by XdrakeYONKO

    this arc has been amazing so far we have learnt about doflamingo a new admiral has been introduced some nice fights here and there oh and....... YONKO we have two yonko crews and a rather well respected ally all on the same island, my point, well in the first half of the series the yonko where a huge thing just hearing the name of one mentioned was huge but those days are gone the new world is the sea ruled by these ego maniacs so we are probably gona see a member or ally of these guys in every arc from now on whether it be a minor role or a major role what im saying is having members of one of the crews turn up on an island will become a regular thing and because the islands they rule will no doubt be challenged by luffy and co they will …

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  • XdrakeYONKO

    ok so i started this kinda saga a while back kinda lost touch with it and stopped but with the two week gap and me just being bored i thought i would throw a couple of predictions out of the next few weeks. ok so in my prediction i made as an intro to this story i created to characters that i still like the idea of and they will be my focus for the predictions and they are azrael and samael and there positions are:

    azrael: 1st commander of the kaido pirates eaten the hito hito no mi model: angel

    samael: 2nd commander of the kaido pirates eaten the inu inu no mi model cerberus


    a mysterious figure is seen sitting on the beach of an island on fire


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  • XdrakeYONKO

    Cover: the captain would like to speak with you

    Page 1: 

    luffy: you barsted stop it!!! 

    doflamingo: fufuf your so pathetic law 

    doflamingo throws his pistol away and positions his hand in the air above law 

    doflamingo: you forgot you place brat 

    doflamingo swings his hand down towards law 

    Page 2: 

    luffy: (with an angry face) don't do it!!! 

    zoro: like hell 

    zoro intercepts doflamingo 

    doflamingo: hmmm haki aye 

    zoros swords are clashing with doflamingos strings 

    zoro: shit! He strong 

    zoro and doflamingo fly apart 

    Page 3: 

    zoro: kin emon grab the doctor 

    kin emon: right you can count on me zoro-dono 

    kin emon picks up law and starts to run 

    doflamingo: fufufu stop right there 

    doflamingo attaches one of his stings to kinemon and stops him in his tracks 

    kinemon: what!…

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