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    Yoi ichi-nichi, just a review totally not an attempt to get more edits of OP chapter 727. Its my first review/blog here so please bare with me, its more nerve wrecking than you'd believe it to be, trust me. My reviews are relatively short so please bare with me. If you wish to read a summary go here and if you're an anime only watcher, beware of spoilers.

    oh em gee, its Drake, who would've guessed it was Drake? Its not like the T-Rex could be anyone else.... right Sarcasm ? Its weird, he has been on the same island since pre-timeskip, wtf is he doing? In my personal opinion, and I know others share the same opinion, he is probably working for Kaido PLOT TWIST . Drake is most likely planning to go up the hierarchy and eventually back-stab the Empe…

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