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Ok I had a previous blog post discussing the possibility of Strawhats exponentially increasing it's number of allies to form seperate divisions with minor crew members kinda like how most of the bigwig crews function. The blog was deleted because apparetly that counts as discussing new strawhat members which is against the blog rules.

I'm gonna try and modify the content a little to make it sound less like talking about new members for the strawhat crew.

Essentially, with the currently massive number of new characters being introduced, with many of them being potentially in strawhat's debt, (including barty, happou navy, dwarves) and now potentially everyone in the colosseum and the entire Dressrossa. Add that to fishmen island who is also in their debt, Jinbe and the Sun pirates, and other powerful old allies including Amazon Lily. If a large scale war breaks out with Luffy being in the centre, there could be potentially many large forces that would ally with Luffy or even fight under his banner.

So do you think the Strawhats would eventually drastically increase the crew size and begin to function like how other major crews are like, with seperate divisions and important crew members being in charge of a number of subordinates, or would they stick on with the way they are, only accepting core nakamas as part of their crew, and go on to conquer the Grandline with just a small crew?

Will the Strawhats drastically increase their crew size to a level similar to how major crews such as the Yonkou typically functions?

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