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Hi guys, here's a topic inspired from Kaido's blogpost about strange devil fruit abilities Oda has come up with.

So here's an attempt to get an interesting topic out. I have a sneaky feeling this has been done before, if it has, my apologies, but I'm still gonna have a go at it.

Come up with your own devil fruit ability that is as creative as possible, and possibly completely random and unexpected. The more random, the better. Your ability can be useful or potentially useless. Afterall, many fruits might have been useless if their user didn't come up with creative ways to use them.

Of course, the weird stuff tends to be Paramecia. But if you have a potential strange Logia or Zoan, why not?

Basically, I just want creative fruit ideas, not powerful ones. They can be powerful as a side effect, but the main point is creativity and randomness.

I'll start with a few of my own...

Yuga Yuga no mi: Contortion human. After eating the fruit, the user will become a natural contortionist, achieving feats of contortion no human has ever accomplished. Ther user will be able to fit himself in the tightest of holes and containers. as well as bend his/her body is a manner so grotesque it usually freaks the hell out of people who witness it. Has similarties to Gomu, but he/she can't stretch. Only bend around.

Atchoo Atchoo no mi: Turns the user into a sneezing human. User will be able to induce a sneeze in him/herself anytime, and the force of the sneeze can be adjusted accordingly. The user would be able to let off a sneeze so violent it can blow opponents away, and cover them in snot, but at the same time also propel themselves backwards. Additionally, the user also has the ability to make OTHERS sneeze by touching their face.

Bicep Bicep no mi: Gives the user incredibly large biceps. Only biceps. Which is pretty much useless since it makes the user look disproportionate unless he/she trains the rest of the body accordingly. Doesn't really help much either in a world were muscular structure hardly predicts for physical strength.

Inu inu no mi Model: Chihuahua. As the name suggests, a Zoan fruit that turns you into a Chihuahua