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Ok so, latest chapter we have a 'finale-eque' attack from Luffy which sends Doffy crashing and embedded in a wall. Now we all know that everyone is durable as hell in OP. Doffy has been 'downed' only to jump back up Usopp knows how many times. He even had his organ re-constructing moment and basically fought on like it was nothing.

Characters have been crashing through stuff since the beginning of OP, and crashing through stuff never killed anyone. The big question is, is Doffy finally out for the count? Is he gonna be alive and well and just stand up and continue fighting? Is he gonna be beaten but conscious enough to make a speech before his confirmed defeat? Is he gonna be severely injured but pushes on anyway? Is he gonna pull YET another trick to continue fighting?

On one hand, the chapter DID call it a 'decisive fatal blow' and Luffy did boldly declare 'this ends now'. King Riku just gave a rousing speech to inspire his citizens, it seems fitting for Luffy to end things now. But on the other hand, I'm probably being overly optimistic if I think a final fight is gonna finish that easily. Based on track record, Luffy isn't nearly bloodied enough yet.

Doffy has kindly pointed out that Luffy's technique is overextending himself. Obviously we're gonna have to witness these dire effects he's spoken of. And after just demonstrating that his control over his own DF ability is beyond bad-assery, how can Doffy just go down like that? Of course, there's Zoro trying to do something. We can't let Zoro's efforts be for naught now can we? So here's a poll for your opinion. I'm including as many possible options as I can think of. Feel free to comment your own.

What will Doflamingo do next after Luffy's supposed 'decisive fatal blow'?

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