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  • Woohoot

    Sunny crew

    July 20, 2015 by Woohoot

    Ok this has been talked about many many times, but I just realised that we have an entire volume where they're missing, with the volume cover picture looking like the Strawhat pirates has 6 members now, with Law being one of them. I think when a volume cover is missing half the crew, that's a pretty bad sign.

    This disappearance is completely unprecedented both on the number of members being missing in action, and the sheer length of time. It is of course important to note that while they've been gone for over a year in real time, within the OP world however, this all took place in a day.

    What's more worrying is as of yet, the rest of the crew don't seem anxious in looking for them, despite how their last known status was them being attacked b…

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  • Woohoot

    I'd like to discuss the innate potential of Fishmen. As a race, the Fishmen are said the be on average 10 times stronger than Humans. Now of course we know this is just the basal strength. We've seen that among humans in the OP world, the variation in strength is so drastic it's almost inconceivable.

    So far though, I think we can safely say that the strongest Fishman we've encountered is Jinbe. Yet, while Jinbe is certainly a top tier fighter, he's definitely not at a level where he can combat someone like Sakazuki. Also, Jinbe has been shown time and again to be pretty unique. No other fishman alive even comes close to his abilities. Hody's gang was said to be a joke compared to Jinbe in terms of their mastery over Fishmen karate, and just…

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  • Woohoot

    Hi all, I'm not exactly an active member of the wiki. I pop around here and there, mainly in the blogs, either making comments or occasionally starting a blog. But I've been lurking around the wiki for a long time, even before I made an account. Recently, I've gotten curious about the general denizens that frequent the wiki, all the regular editors and active members, admin and mods etc.

    Basically, what I'm interested in finding out is knowing just how diverse the people on this wiki are. I'm gonna have a few polls with as many options as I can think of. I'm not exactly interested in knowing each person's background individually, hence a poll. Also a poll is easier to get people to vote since it's annonymous and stuff.

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  • Woohoot

    So latest chapter, we have everyone being forced into the middle, with Doffy pissed as fuck, birdcage with only 3 mins to crushing everyone and Luffy requiring 4 mins to recover.

    Right now, the entire town is tiny as fuck. EVERYONE is basically clustering together. We have a princess who can heal on our side, plenty of tough fighters. Now what does everyone do?

    People are randomly running around, our healing princess healed the colosseum fighters, our 2 strongest fighters, Sabo: currently curbstomping Burgess, Zoro, trying to push the cage. Other colosseum fighters, doing random shit to fodder that should be one shotted. Law, unseen, probably unhealed and just lying there.

    Doffy is still raging and NONE of the stronger fighters look like they…

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  • Woohoot

    Are we done?

    May 8, 2015 by Woohoot

    Ok so, latest chapter we have a 'finale-eque' attack from Luffy which sends Doffy crashing and embedded in a wall. Now we all know that everyone is durable as hell in OP. Doffy has been 'downed' only to jump back up Usopp knows how many times. He even had his organ re-constructing moment and basically fought on like it was nothing.

    Characters have been crashing through stuff since the beginning of OP, and crashing through stuff never killed anyone. The big question is, is Doffy finally out for the count? Is he gonna be alive and well and just stand up and continue fighting? Is he gonna be beaten but conscious enough to make a speech before his confirmed defeat? Is he gonna be severely injured but pushes on anyway? Is he gonna pull YET anoth…

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