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Hello folks! 

This is my very first blog on this amazing site, so don't ditch me and stuff if I fail. Sorry for my bad english, I am norwegian.

Today, I am gonna talk about something idiotycally relevant, something that actually strides against the laws of physics itself. namely how the heck Zoro (or Zolo, if you are an idiot watching the 4kids dub *for kids*; One Piece mother f**ker One Piece!!) manages to speak while having a friggin sword in his mouth?

Pfft, forget two swords, he has three swords and with the third in his bloody mouth! Yeah I kinda understand him; you can't be the worlds strongest swordsman without doing something psycho ... blah ... blah ... how the f**k can he fight  using his mouth!? Moreover, how the f**k can he speak so clearly holding a shaft (*not sharp) sword in his mouth?

Heh heh, shaft in his mouth.

seriously, it must take some skill to do that; Let me give it a try.

I coghu gjo onjj anfh thhafkk abgouuuth aff theftyr cooghl thijnghts ehgj afst donfgh wikhet thaffts sowdrr inh hish moghjut....... and so on (trust me I actually tried)

What I actually was trying to say:

I could have just gone on and talked about all the cool things he has done with that sword in his mouth, but when you are talking about a series that's over 600 chapters long, it's kinda hard since there is too many words to fit into one paragraph.

Actually it's pretty easy to quess how he can do such things as to talk with his sword in his mouth: 

That is beacause he (and Oda) wants to do it! 


Tell me what you think of this blog and if you think I should make more blogs, cause I already have some  ideas.

And up to the heavens I go! (vanished)