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Hello folks!

So today I figured I will just write a short blog today which doesn't need so much work to finish by my part. 

The only thing I will do is ask you a question. Namely, WHO is your favourite character in Spider Man!! Got you good there, but it’s in One Piece of course.

Is it the main character Luffy, who is so retarded that in some moments he actually gets awesomely cool!

Is it Whitebeard, the mighty grandpa, who apparently had a family equal to the number of users on Facebook!

Is it Crocodile, who is probably one of the most intelligent and badass villains in all of manga and Anime history, who actually turns out to be kind of cool!

Or is it some of the other awesome characters in this awesome series!

Just comment on your favourite character below!

Last and certainly least, it's time for my favourite character to be revealed!!

My favourite character is, the douchebag mafia boss, Doflamingo!! Maybe gonna write a little about him in a blog later on, but until then I guess you’ll have to wait little. See ya!

And up to the heavens I go. (Vanished)