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  • WonderfulUnicorn

    Hello folks!

    So I'll just jump right to the case and start: I am going to write a prediction about how I think that the Revolutionary War will turn out (enough said). 

    Impotant notes about part 1: 

    The Shichibukai does now consist of 9 people, because the Marines needed a massive backup for the war. (Just deal with it please)... 

    This war preparation takes part at some point after Doflamingo and Law's resignation.

    One of the "home-made" Shichibukai of this prediction is made by DSP, and not me. (Hope it's all right DSP)??

    Okay now onto the prediction:

        Chapter 1; Shichibukai Assemble

    Meanwhile at the Holy Land of Mariejois, the Marines are preparing for a meeting with the Shichibukai as a final preparation before the long awaited Revolutionary …

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  • WonderfulUnicorn

    Hello folks!

    Today I have actually made up my own home-made character! *Everyone claps*... I have made him as one of the new admirals, who have been promoted over the time-skip. Please do enjoy, and leave a comment about what you think about him below:

    Character name: Kazu Clockworker, most known by his alias Black Reaper

    Gender: Male

    Age: 56 (54 before timeskip)

    Birthday: 15.09

    Psychical description: He is an incredibly tall, but laid-back and thin man, roughly the size of his fellow Admirals. He is middle aged, with a rough amount of wrinkles and scars on both his face and hands. He has short, slicked black hair and a thick black moustache, with a thin beard growing out from his chin in a lightning-shaped way, and pale skin. His right ear tymp…

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  • WonderfulUnicorn

    Hello folks! 

    This is WonderfulUnicorn A.K.A WU with another crazy and long chapter review. So jumping straight to it, today we continue off where we came from last week in OP chapter... I have officialy lost the count!! Basically last week we all couldn't wait for the appearance of the mystic overshadowed person and for shit to finally go down between the SH's and Doflamingo, DON!! But what we actually get is another freakin plotdragging chapter by Oda's part, AGAIN!! After nearly 700 chapters we still have whole plotdragging chapters... But that's how the One Piece world is and I guess there's nothing to do about that ( actually likes it that way ). So now on to the actual chapter; 

    Cover page: We are still stalking Caribou as he has apparent…

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  • WonderfulUnicorn

    Hello folks!

    For those of you who read my last blog you know that I was gonna do my very first OP chapter review on the new chapter coming out today. Don't blame me if it's bad since it's my FIRST TIME reviewing a chapter. The review may be a little late, but anyway. Now let's get going! 

    This review is long so if you're not mentally prepared for it......

    **SPOILERS** ( This review contains heavy spoilers so don't read it before having read the chapter )

    Link to the chapter:

    So on to the cover page it shows that even the kind old lady have gotten sick of the psycho Caribou and has given him a homemade meat pie lunch box and is telling him nicely to F**K OFF!!

    The chapter is apparently starting with Buffalo…

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  • WonderfulUnicorn

    Hello folks! 

    I am WonderfulUnicorn A.K.A WU and I am back in the club with some more of my crazy and stupid blogs. Ok, so before continuing reading this lame blog, REMEMBER that this blog is made out of pure boredom because it hasn't been many blogs considering the normal blogging status on this wiki ( at least not from the big bloggers like MDM, Neo etc.) So don't come back to me after reading this blog and say that it was a waste of your time. Remember that  THIS IS THE LAST WARNING YOU WILL GET.

    Ok, so as cheesy and unexplained the title may sound, this blog will be about two characters that could have made a dfference IF and only if they had joined the Strawhats while they had the chance ( which is long gone now in my perspective at least)…

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