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we saw these 2 being almost beaten up already. i will be realistic here, if these 2 are the real protagonsts in this arc then i suppose they shouldnt be beaten up by that easily. yes, hordy and decken might have somthing up more from their sleeves on the other hand zorro and luffy has a lot more to show. . . to cut it short, i think that hordy and decken will not be this arc's enemy. what if its big mom?!?! but this just came to my mind. why will jimbei not let luffy figth hordy?! im sure jimbei knew what luffy is capable of doing already but still he will not let luffy fight those fishman. also, i have come up to the idea that the introduction of caribou over the previous chapters will be paid of here. i think he will also play an important role in thins arc maybe up to the extent of teaming up or helpng the strawhats. .

im sure that in this arc we will see lots of action and especially on what the strawhat crew are capable of doing after that 2 years span. then i suppose, like the other arc where one strawhat will have a match of their own. in this arc this will happen but is the flying new fishman pirates enough to push the strawhats to their limit or are we lookng up here to an appearance of a more formidable enemy?