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i've read the spoiler and i came across a comment by monkey d hacky. where on earth did he get this crap of information? is this a very wild and intelligent guess? decide. i've copied it.

monkey d haky - October 13, 2010 at 9:44 am # 900 years ago a world controlled by people who have the determination D,then a coup will be undertaken by the ancestors of the sky dragon. all those who have the initials D in Killing, the sky dragon want to change the existing history, but few people who survived the initials D was determined one day will return and reclaim the world from the hands of the dragon sky. They then lowered the history that happened in rio poneglyph which is divided into several sections throughout the grand line which are written in ancient languages, complete with weapon weapon that can be used to reclaim the world: plutons (arabasta), Poseidon (skypea) Neptun. every island is in the inherited poneglyph should keep it can be scaled to the proper owner of D determination. Overall poneglyph will lead people who could find it on the facts of history lost 900 years ago in which the final key at the end grandline raftel.

There is only one group that had reached the island a group of pirate roger. Gol D Roger who has read the entire poneglyph aware of the history of 900 years ago, but unfortunately he did not intend the word “master”. finally he decided to wait for people who really deserve to get one piece.
Roger addition there has also been reached raftel rayleigh they are Silvers, Shanks, Buggy, and the whole crew roger, they know the facts of history but can not do much because they are not D. roger was telling Whitebeard way to go towards Whitebeard raftel but unfortunately was not interested. World government said Roger as pirate king in because he is a person who already knows the fact 900 years ago, on the grounds that government ordered the marine world to hunt down people who had the initials D. , Roger rush off after menyarahkan themselves on marine in exchange for his son’s Gol D Ace can stay alive and he intends to make a winning Ace One Piece.