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joyboy is certainly somebody who carries the will of D since we're talking about bloodlines and ancestors here back from the void century. the only character left with the "D" are garp, dragon, teach, and luffy. it cannot be garp since he's already at the "twilight of his career" or in other words he has already made his part in the story. it cant be dragon since he's character does not give a strong indication. teach can be since he's the villain and he's there to bring destruction and disaster. luffy can also be since he will be the pirate king

    it is said that shirahoshi will need somebody to guide her and i think it will be luffy making her join the crew, how can he guide shirahoshi if she will not join, the setting cant be shirahoshi staying at fishman and his protector, luffy, is venturing to the ocean.  luffy will also be joyboy when the time comes that they will need to raise noah at the surface for specific purpose