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  • Wirdang

    OK so joyboy is luffy!?

    December 8, 2011 by Wirdang

    joyboy is certainly somebody who carries the will of D since we're talking about bloodlines and ancestors here back from the void century. the only character left with the "D" are garp, dragon, teach, and luffy. it cannot be garp since he's already at the "twilight of his career" or in other words he has already made his part in the story. it cant be dragon since he's character does not give a strong indication. teach can be since he's the villain and he's there to bring destruction and disaster. luffy can also be since he will be the pirate king

    it is said that shirahoshi will need somebody to guide her and i think it will be luffy making her join the crew, how can he guide shirahoshi if she will not join, the setting cant be shirahos… Read more >
  • Wirdang

    notice that in the colored picture seen on the latter part of chapter 634 in which the straw hats are making the poses of their life, shirahoshi is included. is this an indication that shirahoshi will be part of the crew?

    in my own opinion, yes! shirahoshi is a great addition to the crew basically because of her ability to summon sea kings. with that, they may pass the calm belt which lies deep the sea (correct me if im wrong) where sea creatures and sea kings lies. besides, the prediction said that there will be someone who will be guiding shirahoshi, it does not said that there will be someone to guide the princess meaning luffy's guidance onto shirahoshi does not end in fishman island alone. to do this, shirahoshi must join the crew. man…

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  • Wirdang

    after the fishmar arc

    shirahoshi will join the strawhat prates. she doesn't need to be on board but her sea king owning abilities make her do so, letting the thousand sunny pass onto the new world not worrying any tides, currents or sea kings on their way.

    the legend was told by otohime that someday the "once in a blue-moon person who can control sea kings" will be guided by a certain person . . . come on everybody, we know for sure that it is LUFFY!!! guiding shirahoshi will mean shirahoshi joining the crew because in common sense how can luffy guide that person if she will not join. does that mean luffy will only guide shirahoshi in this fishman island and in this arc only and after that no more?! hell no!

    another thing that make this plau…

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  • Wirdang

    why do people always think that a fishman will be the 10th member of the crew. do they have a need for a new member because we all know for sure that the straw hat pirates do possess nakamas which has their own responsibilites.

    in my own opinion, if in the event that after this acr they will have a new crew then i would say the closest one for me to join will be caribou simply with the reason that his introduction in this arc means something ther's no way in hell he'll not play a big role in this arc.

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  • Wirdang

    we saw these 2 being almost beaten up already. i will be realistic here, if these 2 are the real protagonsts in this arc then i suppose they shouldnt be beaten up by that easily. yes, hordy and decken might have somthing up more from their sleeves on the other hand zorro and luffy has a lot more to show. . . to cut it short, i think that hordy and decken will not be this arc's enemy. what if its big mom?!?! but this just came to my mind. why will jimbei not let luffy figth hordy?! im sure jimbei knew what luffy is capable of doing already but still he will not let luffy fight those fishman. also, i have come up to the idea that the introduction of caribou over the previous chapters will be paid of here. i think he will also play an import…

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