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Ok now were getting a lil deeper into the fishman island arc and it now seems like that I was right lol its a face-off between Zoro and Hodi. But a twist has been thrown into the plot jus like i knew Oda would do, now Nami has had some kind of long hidden fear of Arlong and ran off (even though i thought she got over this back in the Arlong park arc), Hodi has flooded the entire palace with water so Brook appears to be no use, and now Zoro has set the hostages free and hhas told Neptune to take Usopp and Brook with him so he can fight Hodi by himself!! (Zoro is so cool!!!). Also another thing concerns me, I think we can add no left eye and fighting under water as another one of Zoro's battle handicaps. Even though we all have our money on Zoro he's fightin under water (which increases fishman streght even more) ,it's an uneven fight because im pretty sure Hodi's subordinates are still with him, and to make matters worse even if Zoro beats the crap out of Hodi he always has the emergency backup super strength drug he can use.

So tell me if you think there will be any loop holes to the fight, anymore suprises, etc.