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Happy Holidays folks,

Most of you now probably don't know me but I was once a everyday user on this wiki, time for another one of my "Mysteriously-Random-Return-Blogs".

As you've all read in the latest chapter the SH/G5/Momonosuke/Dead Kinemon/Law are currently making their escape from the laboratory, Franky is battling Baby 5 and Buffalo, Caesar has been decieved by Law and ends up stabbing Monets heart thus ruins the plan to destroy the island and everyone on it which brings us to our next issue. Doflamingo is either pissed off or is real interested in whats going on in Punk Hazard and is flying to the island.

Now the last couple panels of the chapter bring up alot of questions, there were other people in the building with doflamingo what I can make out to be a young girl, an old man, and what I think to be a woman with a large head. They also seem to be very associated with him when the girl enters the room with regards to his where-abouts, maybe these are just crew mates that haven't been introduced yet.

Also when he is flying onto the ocean its a stream of some type of gas or aura that follows as a trail, when I first saw this my first thought Geppo but that mysterious trail threw me away from that conclusion. The trail is formed in a curvy "S" shape it shows he not flying with balance or maybe not flying at all which brings me back to not geppo but some type of powerful jump.

Lastly when he finally reaches Punk Hazard I think his most important objective is to either capture Caesar of kill him, a confrontation with the SH seems to soon and he is too much of a powerful villan to reveal his powers so soon especially in a non-climatic arc but who knows Oda always throws us curveballs. Tell me your thoughts on this chapter.

WillofOP (talk) 16:15, December 27, 2012 (UTC)