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The One Piece world is amazing, Oda has created things such as animals, geography, and a whole history behind this story all based on imagination. This is exactly what this wikia is about IMAGINATION so lets try using it on this blog. Now as we know at the begining of One Piece in the Captain Morgan arc "Axe Hand" Morgan explains that their are 3 types of Devil Fruits; Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia. But now that we get deeper into One Piece and find out so many new things about Devil Fruits like how there is a sub-section of Zoan fruits or the big one how Blackbeard can 2 devil fruits at the same time!! This make me think that these are not jus coincidences but Devil fruits showing unusual behavior i guess mutating into another stage or phase of themselves. If their is a fourth kind of Devil fruit what would be the name of the class, what powers would it display, just a thought i had and wanted to share feel free to critique lol.