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The 2 co-main antagonist

WillofOP February 23, 2011 User blog:WillofOP

ok so we already know that both vander-decken and hodi jones will share the title as the 'Boss' in this arc and from the lastest chapter 616 we now see vander-decken traveling off of his own DF power homing ability to find the princess. Which brings up this question, now that vander-decken is off going to find sharoshi(who is with luffy) and hodi jones and his men are back at the palace with the four SH and the neptune army tell me how this scenario will go down:

Theory 1; Luffy vs. Vander-Decken, Zoro vs. Hodi, and the remainig SH & neptune army vs. the new fishman pirates

Theory 2; Luffy vs. Vander-Decken, Neptune vs. Hodi, and the SH & remaining neptune army vs. the new fishman pirates


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