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So after watching the latest episode of One Piece and the creation of the SH Grand Fleet I had a few ideas and questions while thinking about past and future arcs.

  1. Will there be any new SH coming? How many and how soon?

    Oda has been saying for a couple of years now that there will be new members to join the SH. Although this sounds like very good news Oda always has tricks up his sleeve; could the SH Grand Fleet be a misinterpretation of what he meant by new members?

2. Where do you see the difference in the SH Grand Fleet vs. any other alliances with the SH?
This gets me excited for the future of the SH to see that their crew is actually becoming structured into something bigger than just the immediate members. At the same time I dont really see the Grand Fleet being any different from the alliance the SH's have with the Galley-La Company or the Kuja Pirates of Amazon Lily. To elaborate, we all know there going to be another big war at some point involving the Strawhats. As Mihawk stated Luffy's most dangerous ability is to make allies in any situation so we know in this upcoming war we will see alot of old faces that the SH's have formed bonds with over the years. What I'm trying to get at is why create the idea of a SH Grand Fleet when really the SH's have had an unofficial one all this time.
3. Will the SH Grand Fleet play a part in the Totland Arc?
So this question might be the easiest to answer since I really started overthinking how huge this wedding is going to be. So basically I thought of the idea of the wedding and how it might not just involve the attendence of The Big Mom Pirates and Germa 66 but all of their allies as well. Also adding the factor of the small rescue party going to save sanji with only half of the SH pirates present. Luffy said he's going to the wedding with peaceful intentions but I don't see that happening for long especially since Big Mom is already aware that he's there I think Luffy's team may need some backup.