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If u noticed there are alot of similarities that u see on different shows such as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, DBZ, etc.

Naruto DBZ Bleach
One Piece Characters share personality traits Both protaganist characters have very similar personalities Swordsmanship plays a big role in the story
One Piece They have perverts They have perverts Once again, they have perverts!!!!!
One Piece Characters have a line of signiture attacks Friends of the protagonist share same traits i.e. usopp and krillin or zoro and piccalo Both have a small group of people fighting an organization i.e. ichigo and friends vs. soul society, SH vs. Baroke works
One Piece They have awesome Opening theme songs!! The protaganist always fights the strongest villian Character's attacks have different power levels i.e. gear 2nd- gear 3rd and shikai- bankai
One Piece They have had to overcome a challenge, hardship, or lost of a loved one Romance seems to be downplayed and unnoticed alot There are multiple groups and species i.e. OP has humans fishmean and giants, Bleach has humans, arrancar, and visors

But i think that One Piece and Naruto have more things refferenced from each other like the 2 year time skip kinda reminded me of the 2 or 3 years naruto went away to train with jiriya and how the 5 great kage summit reminded me of the reverie. What else have u seen in common with OP or some other manga.