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The picture that Garp use to describe Big Mam and her first apperance in the mag
Big Mam Roman


na seem way different.

Charlotte Linlin Portrait


Is this another screw up by Oda or is she meant to look different, there is large (No pun intended) difference between the 2 photos. For one in Pappug's photo her nose is more triangular and her teeth are squarer, while as in the other one both her nose and teeth are rounder so I ask you is this a screw up or did she also have some type of time-skip change,it was never said she lived on Whole cake island, if she did will this be apart of the conflict of luffy and Big Mam, more importantly tell me Sanji's reaction to seeing Big Mam for the first time. >___>

WillofOP 22:35, December 28, 2011 (UTC)