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Random thoughts part 2

WillofOP November 16, 2011 User blog:WillofOP

Hellooooooooooo and welcome to another segment of everyone favorite OP wiki game show Random Thoughts hosted by your favorite handsome pervy manly-man WillofOP, *Applause button lights up, crowd claps for WOP*.

Now heres the skinny first off no luffy, WTF!?!?!?! I was looking forward as to how he was going to destroy Noah but i guess Oda didnt want to give too much away, now as for the attacks they were all cool except for zoro's i think he could have did better but it bothered me that robin and nami didnt have a epic finishing move i mean Oda could have cut usopp's shitty dialouge i little short just to give nami and robin the spot light.

For the first question, we all saw sanji's finisher i know epic right? It seems like his most powerful moves like Diable Jambe use fire to express how angry he is also it adds a sort of cooking theme when fighting Wadatsumi, the same goes for brook they both have an elemental style to their new fighting techniques so my question is:

1. How would Sanji and brook's new powers effect a logia user such as Aokiji or Smoker?

  • Procuders whispers to Will* Thats all the time we have for right now DP put us on a one question deal No jinbe joins talk, no Dragon, and most importantly NO SABO.

Welp i guess thats all the time we have folks until next this is your host Woopie signing off from your favorite game show *crowd chants* RAN-DOM QUESTIONS!!!!!!

WillofOP 22:38, November 16, 2011 (UTC)WOP

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