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WillofOP October 30, 2011 User blog:WillofOP

Ok so (Spoiler) the new episode was epic the dialouge and scences were almost similar to the manga chapter, the only thing that bothered me was the whole talk between rayliegh and luffy and how rayliegh didnt have a tear in his eye this time to i guess the tear just creates a more emotional effect but anyways after watching it I have 3 questions:

1) When Luffy is talking with sentomaru for the last time he says "I have a feeling we will meet again", in the magna sentomaru seems pretty persistant to catch luffy but so is smoker and coby so which one of those 3 do you think will be the Garp to luffy's roger?

2) During the Timeskip the only 2 SH was Luffy and Brook, I have a feeling brook bounty went up alot because he was already famous to begin with but now Zoro and Sanji have caused a scene on SA by destroying a pacifista thus making themselves known so my my question is after Luffy and Zoro who will have the 3rd highest bounty in the SH crew ?

3) Will the fake SH's get a mini-series?

WillofOP 21:18, October 31, 2011 (UTC)WOP

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