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I hate to say, I mean i reaallly hate to say it but Rici was right, TWICE!!!!

Ok so the chapter start off really interesting and to rici favor Noah is actually made for the Sea Kings to pull it, but where?Also to add we see more similarities between Roger and Luffy. Then as we go a little further Hody and Decken are shown unconcious and beaten blah, blah, blah the princess brings luffy back to FI and he needs a blood transplant. Everyone wants to do it but their scared because of the old law until jinbe finally steps up and does the operation. Now HERES THE MOST UNFAVORABLE PART luffy somehow wakes up from being unconcious and asks jinbe to join his crew TT__TT. The chapter was amzing overall but i feel now that jinbe has joined he will start to be become more of a goofball, but thats my opinion what do you think about this chapter.

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