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New match-ups?

Well the new chapter was interessting it showed us a lil more of what the NFP can really do, even though i was mad they didnt show the SH in this chapter something else bothered me. We saw Dosun,Zeo,Ikaro, and Hyouzou in action a little and it got me thinking if they fight the SH who will be facing who? I mean for various reason's i thought zeo would be facing Zoro but that dream will never come true :( but now i see he will defenitly fight Hyouzou, and after I saw Ikaros i think he will be fighting Sanji or Franky due to the hand to hand combat thing. Well im not a prediction guy but thats all I can think of, comment and tell me ur match-up predictions.

WillofOP 16:15, June 29, 2011 (UTC)WillofOP

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