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Ok so as we saw in chapter 647 Luffy doesnt actually destroy Noah Shirahoshi calls in some sea kings and they restrain Noah from crashing into FI, what amazes me more is that Sea kings are actually intellegent creatures they might be the most advanced creatures we've seen yet they seem to communicate mentally through feelings. But also during the conversation they had with the princess they also seem to care alot about Noah and maybe they might know the entire history of the world (Noah > Joy Boy > Poneoglyphs > The Void Century). So my question is what do you think the connection is between Noah and the sea kings? Comparing the size of noah and the sea kings their too big to be carried in it, but what if Noah was a vessel that carried the sea kings ancestors from a devastating disaster which in time the Sea kings would cause the sea king to idolizes Joy Boy and Noah as their god or savior if you will. Tell me if you think there is a connection or if im just being stupid.

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