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WillofOP December 15, 2011 User blog:WillofOP

Well before this chapter we heard all of the ideas and speculations about Blackbeard but it is true Teach can absorb/ steal the powers of multiple Devil Fruits. But this make me think is it only Df's he can absorb call me stupid when I ask this but do you guys think BB can absorb any type of fighting ability like Black leg or Rokushiki. Also in this "Ability Hunt" now that he has *grabs tissue from box and blows nose* gotten ace killed who do you think he's targeting for the most? The *cough eff akainu* former 3 admirals? Sengoku? Luffy? Sabo?

Another thing ok so a little bit more than we expected but we actually have 2 admiral seat empty do you think their gonna keep the title "the 3 admirals" or will they not exist anymore, if they keep it my best bets on next admirals are smoker and uh thats all I got.

P.S. what is up with Kizaru did he not want to take part in that fight, where is he?

20:44, December 17, 2011 (UTC)WOP

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