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Ok so once again Luffy's mouth has gotten him into a rather interesting situation, let examine the major details;

  • The SH's have obtained the treasure of Fishman Island
  • Big Mam's and members of her crew have been revealed and 2 of them are on FI
  • Kidd has challenge the authority of Big Mam by sinking 2 of her subordinate ships
  • Luffy also challenges her "authoritah" by comming to the new world to duel her for the ownership of FI

First off amazing the chapter this probably has to be my favoritee color spread yet. Now the thing thats on my mind right now is Luffy, Kidd, and Big Mam, I feel she's kinda favoriting Luffy since he has alot of "hype" surrounding his name plus he has connects. I feel sorry for Kidd I mean he sinks 2 of her ships and all luffy does is yell at her over the den den and he's automatically on her radar. But anyways If there ever is a duel between Big Mam and Luffy no matter what the outcome is it make him even more famous think about it, if he wins he might take her place as yonko or even be crowned as "The 5th Yonko" now if he losses his name still gets blown up just because he had the balls to challenge a yonko. Also I dont think Luffy is big enough to start monopolizing Islands yet or even know the responsibility behind it. The last thing I want to talk about is the remaining yonko and supernovas, so as we've seen a couple of supernovas have been really attacking the yonkos hard now i know nobdy would dare fuck with BB right now but my question is do you think anyone has attacked shanks yet and if so who?

Another thing on page 14 or 15 when Luffy tells big mam who he is instead of saying he full name she stops and says "Monkey D. ?" do you think she knows about the Will of D? Is that why she accepted his challenge?

WillofOP 18:01, December 26, 2011 (UTC)