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A week ago in my history class the last subject we discussed was genocide and what are the causes of a genocide. One of the causes was a dislike for a targeted people of certain traits,religon, or culture, then it hit me is Hordy Jones no different than Hitler, Polpot, or the Tutsi rebel army? He shares alot of the same charateristics as them and he seems like the kinda guy to do ANYTHING to achieve his goal so I'm still sticking with the theory that he hired that human to killed the queen then killing the human thus making the people think humans were bad. Also i think that their name "The New Fishman Pirates" has a deeper meaning like their the new world order, saying that i think the big event that will happen on FI will be caused by them in order to wipe out the "human-loving" fishman and raise a new breed of fishman who hate humans. What do you think?

PS: Hordy is now one of my favorite villians besides crocodile and rob lucci :)

WillofOP 03:04, June 14, 2011 (UTC)