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As Oda brings the Dressrossa arc to a close one of the major thoughts on everyone's mind is what is going to happen to the psychotic warlord Donquixote Doflamingo, but I wanted to take it a step further than the events that follow right after Doffy and Luffy's brawl.

Going back to the Fisman Island Arc Luffy dealt with Hoody Jones , an antagonist with similar mental traits and ideals to Doflamingo. After the final fight Hoody and the rest of the New Fishman Pirates were captured by the royal guards and thrown into prison. I realize that that are also some major differences between Hoody and Doffy as well as the situations they were in but lets think about the alternatives for Doffy's fate.

I believe this to be unlikely but what if Doffy was arrested and sentenced for his crimes is he really someone that can be held within the barriers of a prison especially seeing that Dressrosa has been reduced to rubble so the next logical step would be Impel Down but thinking back to the events that occured two years ago its highly possible for him to easily escape that as well, unless they really tightened up on security or something.

No, the way I see it is he will make some kind of escape within the next couple of chapters; Doffy's ambition and thirst for delusional revnge is one of his strongest assets and currently the only people that can stop him are Luffy who has collapsed from the final battle, Admiral Issho & Zoro who are currently on the other end stopping the string cage, and Sabo who's tangled up in his fight with Burgess, Law can be considered a wild card for now.

Now fast forwarding to events after Doffy's escape where do you guys see Oda putting him back into the storyline? The only other time I've wondered this was during the mini series of CP9 because Rob Lucci is one of the greatest antogonist in One Piece  and he still has much storylife left in him as does Doffy. As of right now I cant predict a future for Doffy seeing that he's been defeated by Luffy, his business with Kaido has failed, and the marines and people of Dressrosa alike have seen his true colors so word will spread  and change his reputation. So I ask you guys what is Doflamingo's next step?