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Back somewhere way before the skypeia arc Oda annouced that one of the SH crew members would die, unfortunatly the crew member was GOING MERRY :(. This got me thinkin would the going merry be the only one to die throughout one piece ? We all knew that throughout the Whitebeard War Saga Luffy's actions and the battle on the summit marineford Luffy's action would cause a spark that would create a bigger conflict (WAR). I'm gettin a lil carried away from the subject lol, my quesstion is when the time comes for this war to happen who will survive, I'm sure that this war will be twice maybe even triple times worse than marineford. We all kno the SH will be participating in this war and what im trying to say is that these set of characters will/might die or have some everlasting casualty from the war to come:

  • Luffy (casualty)
  • Zoro (he might actually die)
  • Sanji (sacrifice himself for nami swan and robin chwan safety)
  • Usopp(sacrifice himself for luffy)
  • Brook(might die or jus casualty)
  • Marco
  • Rayliegh(sacrifices himself, same reasons as WB)
  • Hancock(we all kno the reason)

Let me kno what u think of the list and comment if u have suggestions for anymore characters