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Ok quick question: Did anybody think in episode 489 that shanks attitude was cool but at the same time disturbing like he would stab somebody at any minuite lol.

But explainig my blog title, this is about the supernovas (Including luffy, zoro, and possibly bonnie) and how and who will survive in this "New Age".We've seen their powers and what their capable of but other than SA we havent seen them reall pitted against each other or any other type of foe except Kizaru and Pacifista's.Personally i think we all know who "Big Dogs" are and the ones who will possibly survive this era include: Luffy,Zoro,Kid,Killer,and Law. The others i honestly dnt kno if they'll make it but they might seeing that they came out alive and well from the attack of an admiral and pacifista.I also want to kno the ones you think that wont make it and what would possibly be their fates (i think we already can explain bonnie's lol).