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Hey guys long time no see,

After reading the newest chapter it had got me thinking on a subject that hasn't been brought up in a long time, will anyone on the SH crew die sometime in the series. The reason of this was because of the part in the new chapter were Usopp and Nami have their little battle with Caser, now even after the timeskip and the crew gaining more power and experience Nami and Usopp would still be considered the weakest amongst the crew so leaving those 2 alone to battle an ex 300 million beli-logia using- ex marine scientist wasnt the brightest idea. I've always had the idea of Usopp being the most likely to die because he's the weakest or through sacrifice, others I also had in mind are Sanji and Chopper even though this probably would never happen who do you think would fill the scenario of the fallen crew member?

WillofOP 15:20, July 11, 2012 (UTC)