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WillofOP October 23, 2011 User blog:WillofOP

Ok after watching episode 520 and seeing how famous brook has gotten and ahem *cough* how many females were crying and fainting for him it makes me think brook is up there with luffy as to "having groupies" so fellow bloggers i have come to five conclusions for these 2 answers: Luffy,Zoro,Sanji,Franky, and Usopp.

Q: Which member do you think could actually get a girl without being a total dumbass

My A: I think zoro because he's just cool although he probably wouldnt be too interested in them since he likes fighting more

Q.: Which member do you think could actually score with nami and robin

My A: Zoro and nami would make a good pair other than sanji their always arguing so why not opposite attract and it would just be funny to see how sanji reacts: *falls on knees and coughs up blood* " after all these years of traveling together i get beat by. . . . . . A MARIMO!!!!!" --->

For robin i know u guys will think this is wierd but actually luffy and her seems right, his stupidity balances out with her smarts

Comments and tell me what u think

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