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Hey it's been awhile since my last blog and I started rereading chapter 637 and I was wondering when is Big Mam going to come into the storyline to help out in the fight or even if she's going to appear in this arc at all. In the begining of FI arc I thought she would be introduced really early due to the fact her candy factory was shown, but a couple of chapters went by and so far they haven't even mentioned her name which brought me to the conclusion that she might not be a major factor to the story or at least not right now. The current chapter (637) would be a good place for her to step in since there is so much going on:

  • Vander Decken has now targeted the princess by throwing Noah at her and it will not stop until it reaches it's destination.
  • The ship is dangerously close to Fishman Island and if it breaks the bubble surrounding FI everyone could be killed by the water pressure.
  • Luffy is now ready to board Noah to fight Vander Decken, also boarding the ship is Hody the new found enemy of Decken so it could turn out into a WWE 3-way match up.
  • Shiroshi is injured.

Honestly I think this is all kinda overwhelming for even the Strawhats the only way they can stop the ship is either if they let it hit Shiroshi or they destroy it but I think it would be more comforting if they had the power of a Yonkou.