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So its almost official Jinbe (Unless he just avoids Luffy for the rest of his life) will become an official member of the Strawhat crew. Its been awhile since we've had a new member join but I think its still too soon, anyways I have a couple of questins about jinbe's "joining", like ok he's an ex-warlord whale-shark fishmen that stands over 7 feet tall and knows fishmen karate yes I know that sounds good on a resume but what else can he provide for the crew. Unless Jinbe will just be another "Big" (no pun intended) fighting force theres nothing else that really needs to be done which leads me into my next question, we all know what he is capable of in the areas of fighting and combat skills so with a member this powerful joining the crew where does that rank him on the strongest to weakest ladder? Will this be the end of the monster trio?

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