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    It seems like we're finally done with the Whole Cake Island arc. While this is a big relief for all of us, it makes me think about the events that went down on WCI and how the world of One Piece will react once they see/hear about the damage that Luffy has caused with only HALF of his crew. More importantly, I want to get into the discussion of bounty predictions. I feel that it is really soon that their bounties are going up after being only an arc and a half away from their Dressrosa bounties but how could they not go up? Big Mom's tea party was filled with all sorts of underground crime bosses, the Germa 66, CP-0 agents, and Morgans, the president of the World Economic Journal. Once this news spread across the world I'm sure that not on…

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  • WillofOP

    Ok so I know this may seem like a crazy theory but what if Reiju is the next straw hat? In today's chapter, we got to see a lot of her personality and the flashback of what really happened to their mother.

    One thing that was interesting to me is how they only pointed out that she still has some humanity left in her in the beginning of the flashback. Although the flashback was mainly about Sanji it left me with the impression that she would be a good fit for the SH's. She checks out with having a broken past and having powers; I wouldn't mind if Oda changed up the recruitment formula to still show he's versatile as a story creator. The only things not confirmed in the SH recruitment checklist is that we haven't really seen her in an actual f…

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  • WillofOP

    Straw Hat Membership

    June 6, 2016 by WillofOP

    So after watching the latest episode of One Piece and the creation of the SH Grand Fleet I had a few ideas and questions while thinking about past and future arcs.

    1. Will there be any new SH coming? How many and how soon?

        Oda has been saying for a couple of years now that there will be new members to join the SH. Although this sounds like very good news Oda always has tricks up his sleeve; could the SH Grand Fleet be a misinterpretation of what he meant by new members?

    2. Where do you see the difference in the SH Grand Fleet vs. any other alliances with the SH?
    This gets me excited for the future of the SH to see that their crew is actually becoming structured into something bigger than just the immediate members. At the same time I dont re…

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    Fate of the Fallen

    June 30, 2015 by WillofOP

    As Oda brings the Dressrossa arc to a close one of the major thoughts on everyone's mind is what is going to happen to the psychotic warlord Donquixote Doflamingo, but I wanted to take it a step further than the events that follow right after Doffy and Luffy's brawl.

    Going back to the Fisman Island Arc Luffy dealt with Hoody Jones , an antagonist with similar mental traits and ideals to Doflamingo. After the final fight Hoody and the rest of the New Fishman Pirates were captured by the royal guards and thrown into prison. I realize that that are also some major differences between Hoody and Doffy as well as the situations they were in but lets think about the alternatives for Doffy's fate.

    I believe this to be unlikely but what if Doffy was …

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  • WillofOP

    Happy Holidays folks,

    Most of you now probably don't know me but I was once a everyday user on this wiki, time for another one of my "Mysteriously-Random-Return-Blogs".

    As you've all read in the latest chapter the SH/G5/Momonosuke/Dead Kinemon/Law are currently making their escape from the laboratory, Franky is battling Baby 5 and Buffalo, Caesar has been decieved by Law and ends up stabbing Monets heart thus ruins the plan to destroy the island and everyone on it which brings us to our next issue. Doflamingo is either pissed off or is real interested in whats going on in Punk Hazard and is flying to the island.

    Now the last couple panels of the chapter bring up alot of questions, there were other people in the building with doflamingo what I…

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