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Strawhat Pirates' New Adventures?

I am really excited about the second half of One Piece, it gives me something to look forward to every weekend. I love the new looks of the Strawhat pirates and how strong they are now but I can't help but wonder, how is Oda going to make up adventures that match the awesome-ness levels of the arcs like the Baroque Works arc, the Arlong arc, or the Water 7 arc? It's just bugging the heck out of me! The Strawhats are extremely strong and they have gotten so strong that they are able to single-handedly take out a Pacifista, I know that there are enemies like the Yonkou still out there (I'm curious about Kaido and Big Mom) and the Seven Warlords (I now think that Mihawk is a protagonist due to the fact he tutored zolo) and i just dont know how oda is going to create more awesome antagonists like crocodile or eneru! I wanna see better villains and i dont mean villains like caribou and coribou, even though they were crazy that doesnt make them a great villain. I am very excited and i cant wait until the Strawhat pirates go through Fishman Island, im sure that will be great but where will he go from there, if u could, could u write some possible adventures in the comments???

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