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Wadatsumi the frog

Well seeing how the battle betwen Sanji and Wadatsumi going I remembered a story I read back when I was a kid (It's one of Aesops fables). Maybe sanji is using this trick to defeat Wadatsumi without fighting him.

  • The Story :

A young frog set out on his first adventure. As he came out of the pond he saw a large ox grazing in a field. Having never before seen such a creature, he hopped excitedly to his father, the bullfrog, and said, "I have just seen the biggest frog in the world!

"Humph!" said the bullfrog, "Was he as big as me?" and he puffed himself up.

"Oh, much bigger than that!" said the little frog.

"Was he THIS big," said the bullfrog, puffing himself up even larger.

"Much, much bigger than you!" said the little frog.

"Ridiculous!" said the bullfrog, who fancied himself much more important than he was. "He couldn't be bigger than me! I'm the oldest frog in the pond. I was here first! Was he bigger than THIS?"

He puffed and puffed himself up so much...he burst!

So what do you guys think..............................???

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