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Aobut a week ago i was in the chat and somone said(dont exactly remember who) that it would be cool to see a Hell arc just like the Skypeia arc, I said that maybe they will show a hell arc right before reaching Raftel. Maybe you have to go through Hell (I meant some horrible place that would be bad enough to be called hell) to reach Raftel thats y its so hard to get there.

I know that was a stupid answere, but it made me think y is it so hard to reach Raftel?????

Is it just because of all the other yonko's and the other pirates or is it natural like, the sea is very dangerouse (storms, Whirpools, ocean current etc.) and dangerouse sea creatures. Or maybe its a hidden island that u can't find that easily. Roger offered WB the information on how to get there so its safe to assume that u cant find or reach Raftel that easily.

I think its all of them put togather thats why its so hard reach there. But i am just an ahou so dont mind me and share your thoughts and also share your thoughts about the Hell arc idea.