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Marine Ford War 2

I wanted see another Marineford war and i always wanted to make a prediction so here goes nothing

(Sometime close to the end of the series)

( Marine ford, One hour before the excecution of the yonko Red Haired Shanks. All of the marines greatest forces are gathered)

Random Soldire 1 : Its really quite here.

Random soldire 2 : Yes, but i have a bad feeling about this, i heard red hair was very close to him.

Random Soldire 1 : I heard that too. I just hope that he doesnt shows up.

Random soldire 3 : But the gate of justice is closed so even he cant get in even if he wanted to.

(Suddenly 7 ships fly over the gate of justice and lands on the bay of marineford.)

Random soldire 1,2,3 : Its him .............mugiwara no luffy. And arent those the supernovas and thats Buggy

Kizaru : I wonder how they did that.

Luffy : Franky, nice job with the coup de brust.

Franky : No problem. This week I am Supaaaaaa

Akainu : This time you wont escape me Dragons Son

Shanks : (shocked face) Luffy what are you doing here.

Luffy : I am here to return the hat. If I can save u from here then i have become a great pirate right.

Just wait, i'll be there soon.

Buggy : Straw Hat you just had to make me came here with didnt you. I wanna go home

Buggy's Crew : I cant believe captain buggy just said that, he wants to finish this quickly and go home.

Smoker : I understand Red nose coming here but what are the others doing here.

Basil Hawkins : Chances of death 0%, chances of winning 43%, cahnces of survival 100%. Thats fair enough for me.

X Drake : Straw Hat got one step ahead of me by defeating my target Kaido so i am here settle the score by defeating his target Akainu.

Scratchmen Apoo : I just thought i would see something interesting here.

Kid : i cant let Straw Hat have all the fun..................

Law : I dont really have a reason to be here but if u want i can make one up.

Kizaru : I can just kill all of them right fleet Admiral Aokiji san.

Aokiji : do what u have to do. All canons fire at straw hat.

(sounds of canon firing)

Zoro: Santoryu, Devil's Cry

(All the canons goes of in mid air)

Nami : Fight zoro, Sanji, Luffy.

Chopper : You need to fight too, and where did ussop go.(looks at soge king)

Sogeking : I don't know if we can win this

Robin : Well, if we dont win we will most probably die.

Sanji : Dont worry Nami swaaaaaan, Robin chwan i'll protect you.

Zoro : oi curly eye brows he is coming.

(Kizaru appears behind luffy ready to use his Speed of light kick)

Sanji : Collar Shot ( kicks KIzaru away)

Sanji: i know that ahou Marimo. Dont tell me what to do.

Sanji and Zoro at the same time : you wanna fight

(I know its crappy and nothing compared to the predictions that BLS, Hungry, Yon or DP makes, but its my first prediction so go easy on me)

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