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  • White Hunter Smoker

    Well seeing how the battle betwen Sanji and Wadatsumi going I remembered a story I read back when I was a kid (It's one of Aesops fables). Maybe sanji is using this trick to defeat Wadatsumi without fighting him.

    • The Story :

    A young frog set out on his first adventure. As he came out of the pond he saw a large ox grazing in a field. Having never before seen such a creature, he hopped excitedly to his father, the bullfrog, and said, "I have just seen the biggest frog in the world!

    "Humph!" said the bullfrog, "Was he as big as me?" and he puffed himself up.

    "Oh, much bigger than that!" said the little frog.

    "Was he THIS big," said the bullfrog, puffing himself up even larger.

    "Much, much bigger than you!" said the little frog.

    "Ridiculous!" said th…

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  • White Hunter Smoker

    (Somewhere along the New World in a summer island)

    • two man stands in a grassy field with a few large rocks and some ruins of old buildings.

    Shiliew : so we finally meet pirate Hunter Zoro

    • Zoro with a smile

    Zoro: I have been waiting for this.

    Shiliew : Aren't you afraid. You are going up against the worlds strongest swordsman.

    Zoro: Don't u mean third strongest. I dont recall u ever defeating me or Hawk eyes.

    Shiliew: Well we'll see soon enough. After I defeat you i'll go and beat Mihawk too.

    Zoro: Well enough talk my blade is thirsty. it wants to cut something.

    Shiliew : Shall we start then.

    • Zoro charges towards Shiliew with two of his swords.

    Zoro: Nitoryu, Lions prey.

    • Zoro jumps in the air with his swords crossed and tries to slice him with both his…

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  • White Hunter Smoker

    Aobut a week ago i was in the chat and somone said(dont exactly remember who) that it would be cool to see a Hell arc just like the Skypeia arc, I said that maybe they will show a hell arc right before reaching Raftel. Maybe you have to go through Hell (I meant some horrible place that would be bad enough to be called hell) to reach Raftel thats y its so hard to get there.

    I know that was a stupid answere, but it made me think y is it so hard to reach Raftel?????

    Is it just because of all the other yonko's and the other pirates or is it natural like, the sea is very dangerouse (storms, Whirpools, ocean current etc.) and dangerouse sea creatures. Or maybe its a hidden island that u can't find that easily. Roger offered WB the information on h…

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  • White Hunter Smoker

    I wanted see another Marineford war and i always wanted to make a prediction so here goes nothing

    (Sometime close to the end of the series)

    ( Marine ford, One hour before the excecution of the yonko Red Haired Shanks. All of the marines greatest forces are gathered)

    Random Soldire 1 : Its really quite here.

    Random soldire 2 : Yes, but i have a bad feeling about this, i heard red hair was very close to him.

    Random Soldire 1 : I heard that too. I just hope that he doesnt shows up.

    Random soldire 3 : But the gate of justice is closed so even he cant get in even if he wanted to.

    (Suddenly 7 ships fly over the gate of justice and lands on the bay of marineford.)

    Random soldire 1,2,3 : Its him .............mugiwara no luffy. And arent those the supernov…

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  • White Hunter Smoker

    There have been afew blogs about how strong different characters are but there is one i always wanted to know.

    how strong Enel really is. His df is quite bad ass and if it weren't for his weakness against gomu gomu i think luffy wouldn't have been able to beat him back at skypiea. I would say Enel can go on par with any of the Shichibukai

    and his df is alot like the admirals and he can use haki as well. (I am not saying he can beat an admiral)

    so what do u think???

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