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Wanna bet? Logias!

Another often used topic about DFs which logia DF will appear next, here are the odds;

  • Acid Logia; 1/5
  • Alcohol Logia(An idea from Rici); 1/15
  • String Logia; 1/8
  • Wood Logia; 1/5
  • Sound Logia; 1/9
  • Blood Logia; 1/20
  • Earth Logia; 1/15
  • Water Logia; 1/18
  • Ash Logia; 1/12
  • Mercury Logia; 1/10
  • Panty Logia (Idea from Ruzaki); 1/2

The reason that I made the 4 basic elements odds that they are too classical and I don't think Oda will create such a classic idea

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