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Wanna Bet?

Hello guys! After that tournament I thought I'm going to arrange bets, as one of the main subjects of our wikia this bet is about the new SH of this arc. Here is the odds;

  • Shirahoshi: 1/5
  • One of the princes:1/8
  • Jinbe:1/4
  • One of the New Fishmen Pirates including Vander Decken:1/10
  • Den:1/15
  • Neptune himself:1/20
  • Yet to introduced guy:1/25
  • No one will join:1/3
  • Caribou: 1/17
  • Surume: 1/9

Our currency is belli, after the arc. finish I will pay your money If you guessed the correct one. If you guessed the wrong one your money..... WILL BE MINE!!

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