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One Piece vs. Fairy Tail

Whiskey13 February 19, 2011 User blog:Whiskey13

In this wikia there are many other anime fans. Although Fairy Tail is a pretty new anime series it's pretty popular. I'm fan of both One Piece and Fairy Tail and both animes seem similar to me at some points so here the matchups between Fairy Tail and One Piece:

  • Luffy vs. Natsu
  • Zoro vs. Erza
  • Sanji vs. Gray
  • Nami vs. Lucy
  • Usopp vs. Alzack
  • Chopper vs. Happy or Wendy
  • Franky vs. Elfman
  • Robin vs. Cana
  • Brook vs. Mirajane (She can even show her panties to Brook)

I won't tell who will win the fights and ıf u find another fight aside from above feel free to write them.

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