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Alright it's time for Group 14, but before that I have another poll. There will be total 72 participants of the second stage, I have 2 options for 2nd stage; 1st: There will be 1vs1 fights, 36 fights in total which will take longer time, or 2nd option: I think about arranging a 2nd group stage with 6 characters in every group, where top 2 characters will pass and it will take 12 days. To me another group stage will be lot easier and the next stages participants will be much high in quality. But choice is yours;

Which way shall I arrange the 2nd Stage;

The poll was created at 17:19 on March 9, 2011, and so far 46 people voted.

Now here is Group 14;

Group #14 is closed now. Roronoa Zoro(30), Enel(12) and Jyabura (6) passed to the next stage.

Follow the tournament here.

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