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  • Whiskey13

    SBS Questions

    September 30, 2012 by Whiskey13

    Ehh.. Its been a long time since I create a blog post, as usual my blog wont be long so im directly entering the main idea; I always follow new SBS Chapters cause there are always some interesting information in them, maybe most of them are like filler or unnecessary but I find them exciting, for example I liked the question about WB Commander's names although they are filler-like, If you had chance to ask a question to Oda what would you ask?

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  • Whiskey13

    Where is Bepo?

    April 18, 2012 by Whiskey13

    I'm curious about something where is Heart Pirates, did Law abandon them?

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  • Whiskey13

    Wanna bet? Logias!

    May 28, 2011 by Whiskey13

    Another often used topic about DFs which logia DF will appear next, here are the odds;

    • Acid Logia; 1/5
    • Alcohol Logia(An idea from Rici); 1/15
    • String Logia; 1/8
    • Wood Logia; 1/5
    • Sound Logia; 1/9
    • Blood Logia; 1/20
    • Earth Logia; 1/15
    • Water Logia; 1/18
    • Ash Logia; 1/12
    • Mercury Logia; 1/10
    • Panty Logia (Idea from Ruzaki); 1/2

    The reason that I made the 4 basic elements odds that they are too classical and I don't think Oda will create such a classic idea

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  • Whiskey13

    Wanna Bet?

    May 20, 2011 by Whiskey13

    Hello guys! After that tournament I thought I'm going to arrange bets, as one of the main subjects of our wikia this bet is about the new SH of this arc. Here is the odds;

    • Shirahoshi: 1/5
    • One of the princes:1/8
    • Jinbe:1/4
    • One of the New Fishmen Pirates including Vander Decken:1/10
    • Den:1/15
    • Neptune himself:1/20
    • Yet to introduced guy:1/25
    • No one will join:1/3
    • Caribou: 1/17
    • Surume: 1/9

    Our currency is belli, after the arc. finish I will pay your money If you guessed the correct one. If you guessed the wrong one your money..... WILL BE MINE!!

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  • Whiskey13

    We have come at the end of the tournament, I have to thank for the ones who participated it, I never thought this tournament will have this much attention. Now, for the final; It' going to be last 3 days don't complain before reding here anyway you all know the finalists here they are;

    Sanji beat Luffy and Ace by 2 votes and become the first Onepiece.wikia character tournament' champion. Luffy: 2nd and Ace 3rd, thank you guys for participating the tournament, I hope you liked it!

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