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The game One Piece: Pirate Warriors is set to release a mere one week from today on September 25th. While the game has been out for awhile in Japan, here are the five most important things that we think you need to know about this game.

1. This game is a celebration

This game is meant to be part of the celebration of the 15th year of One Piece. This game intends to be the ultimate game and takes place from the East Blue Saga until the New World Saga.

2. No English dub

Unlike the previous One Piece games, this will be the first game released in North America that will not have an English dub. The game will featured Japanese audio with English text.

3. A Huge Variety of Characters

Players will have the option of using a wide cast of many different characters, who can be used at any point in the game. There are also a wide selection of support characters. Some of these characters include -

For a full list of the variety of characters please see here.

4. Many different Locations

This game will see players going through many different locations. In fact, there are at least thirteen different locations that players will travel to. Some of these locations include -

5. Gameplay Modes

This game has a wide variety of different gameplay modes. The game's story mode, Main Log, allows the player to play through the storyline. The Adventure mode uses Luffy to play through the events of the One Piece series and the battle mode allows the player to use characters in battles. In Another Log, the player can play through a character's storyline. With it are several stories exclusive to the game.